Ways to stay fit and lead a healthy life

Having a right amount of sleep is an essential feature that assures good health. The human body often lacks enough rest which results in energy equilibrium and restoration. The human body requires rest or sleep of approximately 9 to 10 hours a day to retain energy. Melatonin is the essential hormone to have a great night sleep. This hormone builds the urge in the body to sleep.

When a human sleeps, the body gets deep relaxation which decreases body temperature and heart rate. The growth hormones are released in the body during the delta sleeping phase of a human.  This is why kids require more amount of sleep during their growing years. The hormone gets released in the bloodstream, and the cells start getting renewed through systematic reorganization. Sleep also strengthens the immune system of the human body which ensures one does not fall sick very quickly. It can also prevent health issues like sarcopenia and osteoporosis. Lack of sleep causes health problems like memory deficits, fatigue, headaches, irritation, lack of concentration and many more.


Proper food of best quality and quantity is essential along with good sleep.  Individuals must also consider consuming ample quantity of fluid in the form of water, juice and other produce to stay hydrated. Adequate quantity of nutrition along with calories must be maintained. The young generation of present days are getting more and more indulged in fast food and deep-fried foods, but these are quite bad for the heart and digestion process. These types of food habits lead to gaining weight and growing unwanted excess fat.

An excess amount of food consumption is also not recommended by emagrecendo.info/vida-saudavel/as it will have an adverse effect on the health of humans. Thus it is necessary to have an accurate amount of food and sleep in a scheduled manner to stay fit and live a healthy life.